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Exterior - Church by LadyLeknaat Exterior - Church :iconladyleknaat:LadyLeknaat 8 6 Noel by Veynn Noel :iconveynn:Veynn 37 16 Ib Chibi by Veynn Ib Chibi :iconveynn:Veynn 34 12 Abysstale Abyss team by Meta-Kaz Abysstale Abyss team :iconmeta-kaz:Meta-Kaz 156 30 Drunk Flowey by Kaitogirl Drunk Flowey :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 283 244 [ENG] Ch.3 page 17 - UNDERVIRUS by Jeyawue [ENG] Ch.3 page 17 - UNDERVIRUS :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 113 26 [ENG] Ch.3 page 16 - UNDERVIRUS by Jeyawue [ENG] Ch.3 page 16 - UNDERVIRUS :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 98 31 Chibi Base 15 by PartyBases Chibi Base 15 :iconpartybases:PartyBases 642 108 Base Edit - Lik-chan by KICKASS-Bases Base Edit - Lik-chan :iconkickass-bases:KICKASS-Bases 3,763 365 Niko by DinaNicole Niko :icondinanicole:DinaNicole 5 2 Blue by DinaNicole Blue :icondinanicole:DinaNicole 2 2 Paint Tool Sai User  STAMP by Drayuu Paint Tool Sai User STAMP :icondrayuu:Drayuu 759 141 Paint User STAMP by Drayuu Paint User STAMP :icondrayuu:Drayuu 661 102 Going all graffiti! by Thunder-Artist Going all graffiti! :iconthunder-artist:Thunder-Artist 11 31 Abyss team 2 Mecha the robot with soul or style by Meta-Kaz Abyss team 2 Mecha the robot with soul or style :iconmeta-kaz:Meta-Kaz 85 8 Abyss team 1 Abyss sans The EVOLUTION within by Meta-Kaz Abyss team 1 Abyss sans The EVOLUTION within :iconmeta-kaz:Meta-Kaz 133 9




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
Hello there and welcome to my world of creation!!!
I am ColgateWorld and i love to play RPG games and draw legendary or at least amazing made characters!I hope that you will enjoy my created arts(I am not that skilled artist) and have a
good day!
:PHflag: by PinkBurst

Skelebro Stamp [REQUEST] by SNlCKERS Platonic Soriel by littlesonallylover. I Ship Asgore x Toriel! || Stamp by FloralPuns I Ship Undyne x Alphys! || Stamp by FloralPuns
Colgate by jewlecho.
Legendtale AU logo by ColgateWorld

I made an AU called Legendtale.Here is some info:

The monsters want to live on EARTH with humans,but humans don't like them.They send them to the mountain,where they can live their live.One day a war broke between humans and monsters.
After a Long battle the humans were victorious.They sealed the monstrers back to the mountain with a magic spell.After 4 years the monstrers start collecting human souls to make a spell for breaking them free.They start fighting and bring like humans ,that they forgot about MERCY.
But the fallen human Frisk won't right back.He is dodging the attacks like Queen Toriel teached him.
He wants to bring MERCY back to the Underground

What gived me idea to make this AU?
I actually was drawing some new styles for Undertale characters and then i thinged about idea to make a new AU.So I did it.A t first i was asking peaple for a name for my AU.And then i came with an idea „Legendtale".


My computer is fixed:happybounce:

Finally!!!My PC is fixed!
I hope everyone are ready for the new pictures.I am planning to continue Legendtale comic(I got great ideas)
,do some mlp EG and i was thinging to show some of my OCs and characters,so if you want to see them,write me in the coments:)

Someone dubbed my first part of the Legendtale comic!
That is soooo amazing!!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Go see it;)
AT for CoolGirl0429 PTS
I´ve been ignoring this for to much weeks,until i finally came up with the idea!
When Alice was young,she was seperated from friend(sister) Relic.
When they growed up,they finally met again.
I wanted to draw them together.And here they are!!!
And their are so cute!<3

Alice and Relic© CoolGirl0429 
Art by me ColgateWorld 

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts.
The two soldiers

How long has it been since Renrink uploaded a post about the new AU Tamertale and i like it so much that i wanted to do an fanart.                            
 I finally finished the picture!
(I actually found a new post by Renrink where she created her new AU Tamertale.As always i liked the au and made an fanart)

Undertale © Toby Fox
Tamertale © renrink or as you now KazunaPikachu                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Art by me ColgateWorld 

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts

Legendtale Intro

So the story can finally begin!

After the monsters  moved to the Mountain Ebott, the first human “Chara” fell to the Underground where she met the monsters.But when the prince and the Chara died. the monsters declared the war on humans but they could win becouse the SPIRITS helped them.

This AU is based on RPG and Legends.Hope you will enjoy the comic and characters too.

You can make fanarts but you have to credit me.


Legendtale The Beginning
. . .

This AU is based on RPG and Legends.Hope you will enjoy the comic and characters too.

You can make fanarts but you have to credit me.

Next page isn’t ready

Begin the
Legendtale Frisk ref v2
Reference for LT Frisk.If you want to draw them,use this ref to help you.

Undertale © Toby Fox
Legendtale © ColgateWorld
Art made by me ColgateWorld 

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts

CL Ourtale Sans
Sooooooooo i started a collab with @Olone-Painter.But i am not sure if this is Collab.
But becouse of the comic and my lazziness i almost ignore that request.
Thank goodness that when i finished that second page of LT comic,
i started with the Collab.

I am sorry it took too long.

Undertale © Toby Fox
Ourtale Sans© Olone-Painter 
Art by me ColgateWorld 

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts.
So i asked Meta-Kaz to do an art trade with me.And she accepted.The problem was that i almost runed out of ideas but i made this.This is the feeling that i have everytime when i see Genocide run.The same thing happens again and again.This time i used Abysstale Chara with Frisk becouse nobody ever did an fanart with them and i like their style.So i made an fanart
At the begining it looked horiblleXD

Undertale © Toby Fox
Abysstale Frisk© Meta-Kaz 
Abysstale Chara© Meta-Kaz 

That Rude anime girl
Adn here comes the third one.

This is my and the only OC who don't have a name.So i gaved her a nickname "Without Name" .She is from my game that i have been working on.Its made on RPG Maker MV.

Without Name is a strong warrior from Okaria town..She is Mean,fighter and rude.She is the main character from the party in my game too.She likes to protect peaple,winning and Dantery.
If you want to befriend her,you must be brave and never give up!

Even that Without seems like a normal warrior,her dark memories are still controling her.
If she will hurt somebody,it takes so much time before they will recover.
She is strong as HELL,so don´t say things that you would regret it.
Her weapon is Sword and she can do some spells to make you powerfull.

Check the others:
. . .(Without Name) :. . . Are you brainhead.

. . . © ColgateWorld 
Art by me ColgateWorld 

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts 
Undertale Chara and Frisk
(If anyone got an idea to name this pic comment please)

I was thinging that i should do an fanart witch Chara and Frisk.And. . .this came from my mind.Pretty cool,right?
So i always want to show the true meaning of GENOCIDE run so i drawed Frisk as a puppet for Chara.
They don't like to be a puppet but its not Chara´s fault.
Chara is filled with hatred and wants to kill ,becouse of the PLAYER who chose to play this run.
And everything will be lost.

Undertale characters © Toby Fox
Art by me ColgateWorld 
Frisk the Fallen Child Icon Chara Icon

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts 
The stuff i need to do:

Art trade anything for CoolGirl0429 
Collab Ourtale Sans for Olone-Painter 
Christmas pic(MaybexD)

And NEW VERSION of Legendtale comic
Preview to look: file:///C:/Users/Adam/Desktop/ColgateW/My%20drawings/Legendtale%20comic/LT%20intro.png

This will be a TON OF WORK.Wish me luck;)

Hey guys!I have a problem with making the next part of the comic.

Its becouse i can’t choose!So my problem is that they found the amulet 

but still,what they will do now?So i was thinking that i should let you choose.

Should they equip the item,check or use?

Vote at this poll:

GIFT Kazumi
I was working on this picture reallly long time!Its supposed to be an Art Trade but you now,you can't have luck everyday;)
This is Kazumi.I drawed this OC becouse i selected it when i was trying to do an Art trade.
But that person wasn't interest.I was sad for one day,but after some hours i finally stoped thinging about it and get back to work.
But i wan´t so much to finish her so i did;)

Kazumi © WuschelHD 
Art by me ColgateWorld 

Please do NOT steal or copy my arts 
Guess what?I ship Soriel!
I was watching at this video:
And i liked it.
In true pacifist run Undyne said that there are plenty of fish in the sea i realised that in the game it was programed that Sans and Toriel will stay together but i still believe that maybe one day she will forgive Asgore. the shipping from game its like when somebody ship Dantery or Without (My OCs) with someone else.That is why i stopped shiping Sans X Ocs becouse of the game.
But i still ship Charisk and Collie is still me;)


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